All the known sales literature on the Porsche 356 including paint numbers, accessories, Beutler, 904 and Spyder brochures with a rare look at the 917, Carrera RS, Marine and Aircraft Engines, Rotorcycle and the early Speedster, to name but a few.

Reprinted with 21 newly discovered sales brochures.

320 pages, black and white reproductions, hard cover.

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“This book has given me the opportunity to meet a group of wonderful people.” I said that in 1978. I can now say that ten times over today. It is hard to find the words to thank those many people who first started me off as a Porsche “nut.” A special “thank you” goes to Brenda Perrin, who made it possible to do a week’s work in one day when I was completing the first edition. And to Jim Perrin who had those special early brochures and consented to writing the introductions in each edition. Of course, I can’t leave out my son, Jason, who had to deal with his mother’s travels including “Porch” (as he called them) and brochure collecting since he was six years old. The most important person of all to thank for this adventure is Dick Merritt, who made it possible for me to co-author this book back in 1978. The publisher, at that time, was John Barnes, Jr., who went on to bigger and better things and now publishes the ultimate Ferrari magazine, Cavallino. To the technical advisors who kept me straight and taught me all that I would learn about those early 356’s, Stuart M. French, John Paterek and Joseph A. Reid and to each contributor whose names are included after the description of each brochure, there would be no book without you. Tim Kuser, kindly allowed me to reproduce many brochures from his collection and devoted several days explaining the importance of each individual piece to make the second edition possible in 1985.

This third printing is made possible because so many collectors kept after me to reprint the book. Prescott Kelly allowed me to go through his collection and select all the brochures for this new printing and his wife, Pam, deserves more than a thank you for letting me stay at their home until I finished all the commentary and layout. Since the last edition of this book in 1985, I have moved from the cold winters of the North East to the sunshine of Naples, Florida. I have been vintage racing a 1968 Porsche 911L for ten years and couldn’t ask for more fun. The little boy who could not pronounce Porsche when he was six is now in his 30’s and in the music business in Hollywood. Most of my family now lives in California so I have become a coastal commuter. How time does fly!

I do know that as soon as this book goes to the printer someone will come up to me with another rare piece that no one has ever seen. That is what happened when I revised this book in 1985. That is what almost happened when I was finishing up the last page of this layout, when Jim Perrin called me about the rarest of rare pieces that you can see on page 311. If you have either previous books, look on page 7 thru 10 at the German brochure. I had the last page translated to English. Prescott Kelly located an English version that is now in this new edition. Collecting early Porsche sales literature is like trying to collect seashells; there are always one or two items you never know about. I am ready to be surprised!

Susann C. Miller
Naples, Florida

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Everything you need to know about Porsche cars


The actual reproduced facsimile contents of the Porsche brochures in this volume are
free of copyright restriction. HOWEVER, all translations and comments, all photographs
and captions, all additions and notes, plus the overall concept, layout, and design of
the 356 source book are copyrighted by the below mentioned. The reproduction or utilization of this work in
any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter
invented, including xerography, photocopying, and recording, and in any information
storage and retrieval system is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher.
All rights reserved under Pan American and Universal Copyright Conventions.

Text © 1978, Richard F. Merritt and Susann C. Miller
Revised Text © 1985, Susann C. Miller
Book © 1985 & 2005, M&M Creative Group, Inc.
Revised Text © 2005, Susann C. Miller

Editorial Assistance: Prescott Kelly, Tim Kuser
Book Design: John W. Barnes, Jr.
Typesetting Supplement: M&M Creative Group
Layout 2nd Revision: Joanna Horvath
Printing and Binding: Ed Early Printing Company Inc. Baltimore, MD
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number: 84-63077
ISBN: 0-915927-05-5
Printed in the United States of America

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